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Having a blog is hard when you’re a one woman show. Niche discovery, branding, building a website, making it aesthetically pleasing, creating content, and most importantly monetizing and marketing are just a handful of things bloggers have to work at, and usually we do it all. Every. Single. Day.

It’s hard work and it can be ridiculously overwhelming. I began Purple Unicorn Designs in August 2016 after pouring over so many blogs. I had a spark of something and I wasn’t sure what it was, but I went diving both feet in.

It was exhausting. People all over the Internet were doing the same exact thing I was, but there was no community. I was totally winging it and totally afraid. I was in a constant state of fear thinking, “what if it doesn’t work?”

Until it did. It was isolating as hell but I was so excited the first $100 I made! I longed so badly for someone to share my successes with and bounce ideas off of.

Money continued to trickle in until I found a community. I found camaraderie. I found sisters and then the money came pouring in. I love celebrating successes!

I will help you become a better blogger and businesswoman, all while being your personal cheerleader. With my support, you will have direction for your dreams and an action plan from point a to point b.

You’ll experience the happiness and joy from other women lifting you up. And let’s be real, you’ll make money too! It’s a no brainer.

I look so forward to working with you. Don’t forget to book your free assessment here. I also created a pretty badass post about how to get your blog started, just in case you haven’t started yet!

If you’re looking to get started, join my Facebook group here. You can find other successful women and share tricks and ask questions! I’ll be hosting that group, but I’ll be engaging more in my VIP group. It’s a paid monthly VIP Facebook group. You’ll get access to worksheets, coaching, accountability, practices, challenges, meditations, and an amazing group and community of women doing the same thing you are.

If you’re interested in my VIP group, it’s currently $12/month, but this will change as my group grows. The energy I’ll putting into the entire group is definitely worth more, and I’m so incredibly excited to offer it at this price to get the group started! I’ll always honor the monthly amount you begin with, so make sure you take advantage while the price is so low. It’ll eventually grow to $99+/month.

My Packages

Align mind, body, and spirit to unearth the passion and potential within you.

Basic: Comprehensive blog analysis $97. This includes a full written report on your strengths, areas of opportunity and improvement, as well as additional ways to monetize. We will then have a 60 minute coaching call.

Silver: Comprehensive Blog Analysis + Detailed 30 Day Action Plan + Additional bi-weekly 60 minute coaching calls to discuss the report and see where you envision yourself. We’ll set goals to get you there! $299/month.

Gold: Comprehensive Blog Analysis + 30 day action plan + one weekly 60 minute coaching call + your initial analysis review call for discovery + unlimited Voxer support + monthly multi-coach panel Q&A. $999/month.

Click here to schedule a call and see if we’re a good match!