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The Low Down on Business Coaches

For many years, I thought coaching was stupid. I was a skeptic! I didn’t understand why people hired them, let alone why people paid so much for them.

When I started realizing coaching was what I wanted to do, I got a little scared.

I’m going to be one of those people! Charging thousands for coaching! Who the hell will even hire me at these insane prices?!

I had all this self-doubt. I was so afraid of becoming I thought was stupid.

I joined a few groups. Looked up some women. Listened to their podcasts. Joined their emailing lists. Got mildly obsessed.

These women were thriving. Every single one of them was living this dream life that I’m working so hard for. They had money. Security. Comfort. Freedom. Plane tickets! Paid off cars! Paid off houses! Vacations across the country! Working from anywhere they wanted!

The world as I knew it was over.

That was what I wanted. So I looked at how much money these women are charging. How people believe the value is equal to price. I was baffled. I didn’t get how this much money was exchanging so many hands.

Then I had a discovery call.

I clicked with a soul-centered business coach. I did the scary discovery call. After that call, I had the fire. I couldn’t wait to start working and shifting and aligning my business with what I want.

Before I found a coach (or the coach found me), I was throwing anything I could at the walls to make money just to see what stuck. I was wasting time and effort and valuable energy.

I’ve only gone through one coaching session but I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for you guys to see what’s coming.

Right now, my coaching packages are as low as they will ever be. As my business grows, my prices will as well. What I have to offer is valuable, and will change your life.

Ready to get started? Check it out.


  1. Whitney

    That’s awesome!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    So exciting that you found your passion.


      Thank you, I so appreciate it!!

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