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Hey there. I’m Victoria. I’m a crafty + magic loving + queer mom + wife + businesswoman.

I believe in persevering through adversity. I have a ran a successful Etsy, blog, and virtual assistant business.

I have also been homeless, overcame drug addiction, and been a teenage parent.

I’ve spent the past six years cultivating the belief that it’s possible to leave corporate America and still have financial freedom. I have started businesses and closed business.

The energy and excitement is contagious and I adore being in a community of badass women putting dreams into action. Having someone in your corner, guiding you, and giving you direction is vital.

I tried launching businesses by myself and most of the time I failed.

Community is so important to my success, and to yours. I aligned myself with what really gives my joy (with the help of some amazing people). I began to blossom. I feel alive. I feel passionate and ready to take on the world. I want to teach you how to do this too!

Sometimes I get scared and want to give up, but I still have some pretty amazing women in my corner who really believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself until. I’m able to face my fears and overcome it with success.

Let’s discover what you’re capable of! Start your business. Start making money. Find clarity. Live your life. Enjoy financial freedom.

I’ll be engaging with everyone in my VIP group. It’s a paid monthly VIP Facebook group. You’ll get access to worksheets, coaching, accountability, practices, challenges, meditations, and an amazing group and community of women doing the same thing you are.

If you’re interested in my VIP group, it’s currently $12/month, but this will change as my group grows. The energy I’ll putting into the entire group is definitely worth more, and I’m so incredibly excited to offer it at this price to get the group started! I’ll always honor the monthly amount you begin with, so make sure you take advantage while the price is so low. It’ll eventually grow to $99+/month.

Once you pay, request to join here. All I need is the email address attached to your PayPal that you paid with!




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