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Tailwind: Review & Exclusive Free Trial

Creating pins is super simple! Just case you haven’t created a new pin before, here’s some instructions to get you up to speed! Go to the board where you want your pin created on your Pinterest profile. The first tile on
the left will be an add pin button. Click that, and upload your image with a direct URL to your website,
product, or blog post the image represents.

Sometimes Pinterest lets me add the website while I’m actually creating the pin, and
sometimes I have to create the pin with just my image and text, save it, then go in and edit it to attach
a website URL to it. Either way, make sure you copy and paste the URL you want your pin to direct
people. When people click on your image, they’ll be redirected to your website!

That was pretty simple, right? There’s a lot of traffic you can get by having quality content pins
that are linked back to your website. But it’s definitely time consuming. I’ve recently fallen in love with
a tool called Tailwind. Their free program gives you 100 scheduled posts, which is enough to find out if
the system is working for you before buying Tailwind Plus. However, I’ve partnered with Tailwind and
if you use my special referral link here, you’ll get a month for free! Tailwind Plus is $15/month.

The system is incredibly easy to use. 100 schedules pins are great to see how Tailwind works
for you, and you get your first month free! The side navigation on the left was a little confusing for
me, but once I really started using Tailwind I realized I didn’t need to do much from the dashboard
since I have the Tailwind Chrome Extension. From the dashboard, you can see all your scheduled pins,
shuffle them, and change their order. You also have access to analytics, Instagram integration, and
more. I personally prefer the Tailwind analytics dashboard to the Pinterest analytics dashboard.

If you have the Chrome extension, scheduling pins from anywhere is crazy easy. This is great if
you have some kind of ecommerce and want links to your shop, or pin from your blog and link to
different posts quickly.

You can also switch between multiple accounts, which is fantastic! Right now Tailwind supports Pinterest and quasi-support Instagram. Since Instagram only lets people post from the official app on their phone, the way Tailwind does schedules posts is it actually sends you a push notification saying time to post this on Instagram. The problem is, on Tailwind you can save your description and tags for Pinterest pins. However, if you fill out anything like a description or hashtags on Tailwind for Instagram, it doesn’t carry over to the push notification on your phone so you don’t have any content ready to go, just the picture. It’s better than nothing, but for the way I use Tailwind their Instagram partnership has a ways to go.

That said, I don’t use Tailwind much for Instagram although there’s definitely potential there! I use Tailwind religiously for all my Pinterest marketing across multiple businesses. I personally love it. Don’t forget, you can get an EXCLUSIVE free trial using my referral link – this isn’t something they give to every new user, so take advantage of it!

Have Tailwind questions? Comments? I want to know!

I’m also working on developing a Tailwind + Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing guide to teach you how to make money with Tailwind + Pinterest. If you want to keep tabs on the launch, drop your info below!

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