I Fell Down The Apple Rabbit Hole

For the past 6 years, I have been a die hard Android phone. I had a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S5, and S6 from 2011-2017. Crazy, right? I really loved it though! I enjoyed the customization, and the organization of files and putting different things where I want them like on a computer. I love a lot of things about Android, and generally hated Apple until this past year.

Last year, when I started Purple Unicorn Designs, I was actually working for a corporate company as well. It was a real estate software company that was owned by Zillow. Since the company had the Zillow budget, everyone got their own Macbook Pro. That was what we used for work whether we were away from our desk and mobile or we were at our desk with it plugged into a monitor. There was a learning curve, but ultimately I fell in love. The computer was the fastest processor I’d ever had, and it could manage everything I wanted to do with the blogging and Silhouette design work I was doing.

Fast forward a year, and I left that job a while back and had to return the MacBook Pro I’d fallen in love with. Just in case you weren’t sure, they’re really expensive. Like, $2000+ expensive. I pretty much gave up on getting one and moved on. Last month, I switched from Android to iPhone. The iPhone 7+ to be exact. I know, I know. I feel like a traitor. I miss some things about Android, but ultimately I wouldn’t say I regret my decision or am disappointed.

Since I’ve gotten my iPhone I’ve discovered some great tools that have helped my business. I’ve also started to learn how my iPhone could be so much better if I had a Mac computer in order to sync files. ‘Cause here’s the thing. Any image I create on my phone or take a picture of, I have to email it to myself in order to download it to my PC and upload it to the blog. It’s a pain in the butt.

I’ve been reading a lot about speaking things into existence, and manifesting my energy with where I want to be. I’m working on making enough income to leave Corporate America one day, but you know what else I really want? A damn MacBook. So I’m letting everyone know that I fully expect to be able to have my own MacBook in the next few months! I can think it, plan it, and execute it. It’s going to be mine!!

What are your goals? If you’re just starting out on a blog is there something you really just can’t wait to get? Let me hear all about it!

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