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September 2017 Planner Faves

With the revamp of the blog, I have a couple things I’m shooting for on a regular basis, and I’m really excited to announce them!

Weekly, I will have have printable planner sticker freebies. Each week, I’ll also have news tips and tricks for monetizing your blog!

Monthly, there will be the regular income report, but I wanted to include some round ups for each month! I’ll have a planner fave round up and a planner printable round up. I don’t know about you, but I go through obsessive phases where I’m totally in love with something for a few weeks and then I find something else new and amazing and get obsessed with that instead. My craft room is a never ending cycle of obsessions! I figured doing a post each month where I talk about what I’ve been obsessed with is an awesome way to share fantastic products actually worth being obsessed with!
I wrote about switching over to the Happy Planner last week, and I am still totally in love.

The main item I’ve been using multiple times a day in my Happy Planner, are the nifty ruled page inserts. They have a date section on each one, so I can title and date it quickly. I keep all my notes for the month at the end of that section. I’ve used at least 10 pages front and back in the past week working on notes for revamping the blog and branding my entrepreneur portfolio!

This outline was the rough draft for this post where I launched my ebook on How To Get Thousands of Pinterest Followers for Free. You can get the lined inserts here. They come in packs of lined and graphed together.


I’m also super, incredibly, ridiculously excited about Foxy Fix‘s recent releases. In the past year, they have come out with some absolutely phenomenal new products. Like RING BINDERS!!!! Seriously. I’m coveting their ring binders something fierce. They’re expensive, but worth every. single. penny. I love the traveler’s notebooks I have from Foxy Fix. They’re crazy durable, easy to clean, and the leather is butter and wonderful. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on a ring binder. And a tote! Foxy Fix also came out with some new leathers and a limited edition TN!

                                                                                      Boss Babe Kate No. 5 Ring Bound <3


I really don’t think I’ll ever get over how beautiful Foxy Fix makes planners. They’ve had more leathers come out recently, like the botanical collection in the Sugar Leather. They’re so rich and supple! I’m a sucker for jewel toned leather, especially when it melts like butter. You can read more about my Foxies here and here.

PenGems is a company I recently discovered, and absolutely love. I’ve been coveting this pen, and waiting for it to be back in stock.


PenGems also recently came out with a rainbow collection! I love it so much! I’m an absolute sucker for pens, and these write and look amazing. If you use my special referral code here, you get 10% off your order!

Those are my favorite obsessions for this month! What have you fallen in love with and been using like crazy lately?!


  1. The happy planner is the best!!


      I love it so much!! I’ve been way more productive too!

  2. Amy

    I love ❤️ the Happy Planner! Has been my go-to planner for the last 3 years!! And they’re affordable.. I love ❤️ to decorate mine & I actually use it to plan out my days!! Great post!

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