Income Report

Income Report August 2017

One year has gone by since I started this blog. I’ll be honest, I abandoned it a few months in. August 2016, I had a lot of extra time to blog on top of my regular job. I was salaried and had free time at the office. I ended up leaving that job, and had a series of events where my son was in the hospital for 10 days, holidays, I started a couple new jobs, I got engaged, and most recently, I bought a house. Essentially, I haven’t had time to blog.

In the new house, I don’t have much extra time to work on monetizing my blog, but it’s something I really want to do. I’m looking to make enough income blogging and doing ecommerce websites (you can see all my projects at to be able to quit my corporate America job, have the money to fix our house (we got a great deal, but it needs some work), and my wife and I want to get pregnant – which for a gay couple means a lot of money.

With all that said, I’ve been consistently working on projects for the past couple months, and look forward to revamping Purple Unicorn Designs. I’ll be writing about everything I try to monetize my blog, plus all my posts about crafting, food, planning, decorating, tutorials, home budget, and frugal living.

For this month, I have had $0 in expenses for Purple Unicorn Designs. I have had about $2 income from AdSense. How else am I planning to generate income for the blog? More affiliates. Check out the list of new affiliates I’m working with. Blog posts are coming more frequently now, and I’ll be sure to post about everything I’m doing to generate income.

I receive payment on most affiliate links. Although I am paid for these affiliates, all opinions are my own and I would never represent a company that I don’t believe in and love.

  1. Stencil – Stock Photos, editing, text overlays, and more. Free Version + Affiliate Program.

2. Get Site Control – Newsletter and Email Subscription Service

I recently setup an email subscription list and newsletter campaign builder through Get Site Control. It’s super simple, and I wrote a whole post about how to use it to create a newsletter pop up.


3. Amazon Affiliates

I use a few different Amazon Affiliates on my blog. In some places I have ads for Amazon subscriptions like Prime or Kindle Unlimited, and in other places I have direct links to products found on Amazon.



4. Target

I sometimes use Target ads, as well as product links in my blog posts. Target is a new affiliate I’m trying. I haven’t earned anything so far, but I also haven’t done much with it.

5. Digit – Digit uses algorithms to analyze your spending habits after you link it to your bank account. With this information, it starts pulling money out of your account 2-3 times a week. I bought a Silhouette Portrait from hidden savings from my Digit account. You can read about it here.

6. Inbox Dollars – Inbox Dollars is a survey website with cash payouts. It takes some time, but it’s excellent extra income with very little effort.

All of the above affiliates have cash payouts. The following affiliates have product/store credit payout. It’s not as great as cash, but I use all of these affiliates in my blog so free store credit is still very useful for me.

  1. Foxy Fix – Foxy Fix is hands down my favorite Traveling Notebook system. I love their leathers, and they have some totes to die for! You can read some of my Foxy Fix posts here: I Love Traveler’s Notebooks, A Detailed Look Into My Foxy Fix,

2. Erin Condren – I love the Erin Condren system, and they just launched new notebooks that I really want to try! You can read some of my Erin Condren posts here: My Erin Condren Planner, I Uncoiled and Re-Coiled my ECLP, Favorite Planner Essentials, 

3. Hungryroot

  • Meals delivered to your home (Hey, I hate grocery shopping, okay?)
  • They come in subscribeable bundles, or a la carte
  • They’re healthy! Everything is less than 500 calories
  • They’re Gluten Free, Non-MGO, Vegan, AND preservative free!
  • Everything is ready in SEVEN MINUTES OR LESS
  • All of their packaging is either 100% recycleable or biodegradeable
  • Their meal serving sizes are HUGE and I either have leftovers or can share
  • Most important: They’re delicious!!!!

You can read my about my Hungryroot Posts here: Check Out This Delicious and Healthy Food Subscription, Hungryroot Has More Food!

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