Happy Planner Review

When I started my planning journey, I started with an Erin Condren. I loved the stickers, the size, and the way I was able to really customize and decorate it. I decided I wanted to try another system the next year, so I have looked in a Traveler’s Notebook system and fell in love with Foxy Fix.

I’ve had my Foxy Fix for about 6 months, and I’m in a pocket size, roughly 3.5″ x 5.5″ or field note size. I love that size for writing, and thought I’d enjoy it for planning. My Foxy Fix worked great for me until I started blogging again, and taking my startups seriously. I realized I didn’t have enough time to write/plan everything because of the size.

I couldn’t afford a larger Foxy Fix, and I wanted to try a ring or disc bound system. I still wanted the customization of the foxy fix but the decorating and planning space I need when I’m trying to run a business on top of my normal work/appointment/family schedule. I ended up trying a Happy Planner.

I have to say, I’m pretty in love with it. I’ve really missed having so much space to get all of my to-dos in one place. I really missed decorating my planner, too. In my pocket size Foxy Fix, I had minimal room for decoration.

Before then pen and after the pen.

I had an incredibly productive week, and it’s still not over yet! I can’t get over how much I missed having everything all in one place. I really enjoyed the Traveler’s Notebook system, and I think that if I brain could function that way, I’d love it more. Unfortunately, my brain is pretty all over the place, just like my weekly spreads. I went ahead and decorated for next week early!

I also liked how easy it is to switch the pages around. I’m left handed and really struggle with coiled spines because of that. With the disc bound system, I can take the right side pages out and work on them without the discs digging into my left hand! The other thing I loved about this system is the ability to add extra notes and inserts, but still keep everything in one place. Happy Planner has a few different extra paper packs, but my favorite is just the regular lined ones. I use them in the back of each month for ideas/notes/and rough drafts. Plus, I can write on it like a piece of notebook paper and then just slide it into my planner! Here’s an example.

Most of my blog posts this week, and my forthcoming ebook on Pinterest Marketing, were all written as drafts on this paper for my Happy Planner! The pack is super cheap ($5) and you can get it here.


I had pocket folders in my Erin Condren and it was a lifesaver to keep all my lose papers together. I currently have my lose papers paper clipped into my Happy Planner on the following week, but I really need to get some folders for it.

I’m looking at DIY folders and folders for sale. Here’s some of what I found:

I also strongly recommend you get the Happy Planner hole puncher so you can add anything into your Happy Planner! There are now scrapbooking and memory keeping packs for the Happy Planner that I’m really excited about.


Stay posted for more Happy Planner hacks, layouts, sticker sheets, tips, and tricks!


  1. Carol

    Hi, I just noticed an error in your pretty handwritten picture. It says deisgns instead of designs.


      Oh no! Thank so much for letting me know, I’ll go fix that! That’s what I get for editing images at 3am! 🙂

  2. Thank you!!! Great tips, Great read!!!!!

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