Hungryroot Has More Food!

A year ago, I posted about how much I love Hungryroot. Since we just bought our house, we haven’t spent much time on cooking because we’re so busy (and our dishwasher broke, ugh!)

Here’s a recap on why I love Hungryroot so much:

  • Meals delivered to your home (Hey, I hate grocery shopping, okay?)
  • They come in subscribeable bundles, or a la carte
  • They’re healthy! Everything is less than 500 calories
  • They’re Gluten Free, Non-MGO, Vegan, AND preservative free!
  • Everything is ready in SEVEN MINUTES OR LESS
  • All of their packaging is either 100% recycleable or biodegradeable
  • Their meal serving sizes are HUGE and I either have leftovers or can share
  • Most important: They’re delicious!!!!

I ended up taking a break from Hungryroot because they had a good selection, but it wasn’t enough variety for me. I’m a little late to the party, but I just found out they’ve added TONS more food!!

Check out these yummy snacks and meals:

Purple Unicorn Designs also has a super special promotion going on with Hungryroots right now, too, where you can get $20 off you first order using my special referral link here!

Have you tried Hungryroots? What’s your favorite dish? Mine is still the black bean brownie batter, hands down! I eat it out of the container before it ever gets in the oven!

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