How To Add “Subscribe” Pop Ups to Your Blog

How To Add “Subscribe” Pop Ups to Your Blog, while keeping a beautiful blog.

Did you notice the new subscription newsletter popup on Purple Unicorn Designs?! It’s beautiful. What’s great about it, is that I can offer VIP content to a specific email group and use it to drive traffic. As the founder behind Purple Unicorn Designs, I’ve done a rethink through on how I want to monetize the blog. A lot of these upcoming posts are going to be traffic-driving, money-making posts. I’ve also decided I’m a serial entrepreneurer, so I created a portfolio with links to all my current projects. You can check it out here: www.victoriacrossman.com

So, tonight I had a huge to do list in my planner (which, by the way, I’ve changed systems and you can read about it in this post. It’s amazing and I’m more motivated than ever!). I have a few goals to accomplish on my websites by this weekend, and one of them was create a subscription pop up newsletter. I need this because I want to get a list of email address from readers who enjoy, and like to read, my content. I can use these lists for promos, coupons, newsletters, surveys, and more. My primary purpose is newsletters and coupons/promos, but it’s very accommodating.

I went Googling away in search of a service that was 1. Free, and 2. Had Affiliate Program (could generate money). I’m looking to add more affiliate programs as I continue, which means that I might be paid for referrals to these companies, but I only blog about products and services that I really love.

What I found was Get Site Control. Their basic system is ridiculously easy to use, and didn’t take much coding. Plus, they have an affiliate system for their Premium Subscription.with awesome features like auto-response emails when people subscribe.

Here’s how I set everything up:

I went to Get Site Control and created an account. After that, there was a popup to copy and paste code. I had to fiddle with finding that at first, so I moved on to something else first. I created my widget. I wanted a pop up newsletter, so I was able to click through the screens building my campaign very easily!

Everything was customizable from colors and fonts

to content and audience.

Once that was done, I was looking at my regular dashboard. All I needed to do was get that snippet of code into my wordpress dashboard before enabling it.

I went into my /wp-admin dashboard > appearance > widgets

Once in widgets, I clicked Custom HTML and pasted in the code from Get Site Control.

I went back into my Get Site Control dashboard where I can see my widgets. Click the circle in the top left to active your widget.

Once it’s activated, it’ll look like this:

After that fairly painless set up process, when you refresh your website you’ll automatically have a new, beautiful subscription popup for your site. Use these email lists to drive traffic and engage readers. Stay tuned for how to build campaigns and other tutorials.


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