We Bought A House!

We bought a house! Wow! I’m 25, and I bought a house! We got a heck of deal on a huge 2200 sq ft house, because it has some sorely needed cosmetic fixes, but nothing was an immediate danger so we jumped! We’ve been doing so much painting in the last three weekends! Check out my living room and music room!


The library is deep purple, and the music room is the teal color. We used Behr Ultra paint and didn’t have to use primer or a second coat. There were some places that needed “second coat spotting,” but it was really far and few between. It was a little more expensive at ~$20/gallon, but it was definitely worth it.

Here’s what the rooms looked like before a coat (and a half) of paint:


And here’s the library after! Our music room is still a work in progress – and I’m looking on Craigslist daily for a free piano.

Now all that’s missing is some amazing purple furniture!

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