Traveling Artist Hacks and Must Haves!

I’ve been really getting into water coloring and lettering lately. So much that I bought a Foxy Fix Traveler’s Notebook specifically for my art on the go.

This is a no. 7 Sugar Mochi Foxy Fix with pockets. Mochi is on back order right now because it’s such a popular leather. No. 7 is a tiny bit less wide than A5. A5 is 5.8 x 5.25 and you can get it in Foxy Fix as a no 8. The no 7 is 5 X 8.25, so it’s almost an inch less wide. However, it’s meant to fit these Moleskine Cahiers.

I chose this notebook because I needed something big enough with pockets, zippers, and inserts for my brushes, water colors, inks, etc. So here’s my list of absolute must haves and some awesome hacks I came up with along the way!

  1. Cotman Travel Palette

Super tiny, durable and there’s two mixing pieces. I love this palette!

2. Water Brushes

3. Collapsible Water Dog Bowl

I use these as portable, slim cups to hold water when I’m doing water colors. I originally tried using a collapsible shot glass, but it didn’t take much for it to collapse. The first time it collapsed while full of water and got all over my table, I was done with it. I definitely recommend these since they’re made of silicone and you have to push to collapse them, instead of slippery metal with a mind of it’s own!

4. Real Brushes in a zipper pouch

In case the water brushes don’t do it for you, you can get a whole set of brushes in a convenient carrying case. This one is super versatile and great for a traveling setup.

5. Arches Water Color Paper

I use Arches water color paper and cut it down to size to keep in my notebook.

6. Windsor and Newton Inks

I’ve been using inks with water colors lately, and came up with an awesome way to store them while traveling!

7. Contact Lens Case for Inks

You can pour a little ink into the contact cases for traveling, or use an eye dropper. What’s awesome about the contact cases is that they’re meant to be water proof and keep contact solution and contacts wet, so you don’t have to worry about the inks drying out.

Those are the essentials! I sometimes pack more or pack less, but these are what I always have on me. Here’s a quick picture of me on the go in my car!

What do you have in your traveling art kit?

Until next time!

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