A Detailed Look Into My Foxy Fix

In my last post, I talked about the Foxy Fix rabbit hole. Foxy Fix makes dot grid inserts, but I want to talk about a particular insert shop I love, and my favorite inserts EVER.

My favorite insert I keep buying is by a company called Pocket Posh. They make cute little notebooks in both A6 and FN size of sudoku, crosswords, coloring books, and more. Seriously, they are my FAVORITE and I have at least 10 ready on standby!

Yellow Paper House is my favorite shop for inserts. The paper quality is amazing, packaging is adorable, AND they offer mixed media inserts! All of their inserts are available in different colors, which is also really fun. I keep a pastel palette in my Foxy Fix of Teal, Sky Blue, Light Purple, and Pink. That way everything always matches! Here are some of the first inserts I ever got from them:

Aren’t they so pretty?! It my every day carry Foxy Fix, these are the inserts I’m using:



I use these inserts as ongoing lists. I just use the date circles and title the page. Most of the lists in these inserts for me are TO DO lists, but I also keep grocery lists, blog post lists, packing lists, etc. Any kind of lists!









This is my Exercise and Food tracker. It’s pretty self explanatory!







This insert is definitely my bread and butter. I don’t need to plan out way ahead too much, so I use one insert per quarter. It has the calendar for each month and then a week on two days. It’s absolutely perfect for me.


This is my habit tracker and also really important for daily use. I use it to track taking my medication every day, keeping up with my FitBit steps, being under calories for the day, exercising, and also basic hygiene items since I struggle with depression like taking a shower and brushing my teeth daily. I even have creative habits in here too, like “make art.”

Each of these inserts have a Kraft front and back, so I like to dress them up a little bit with some Washi and my micron pens.


I really love these little wreaths, and they’re super easy to make! Check out my tutorial for them, here! I also use washi for the backs of my inserts, and I was super happy to find some purple unicorn washi! I found some more adorable unicorn and Hello Kitty washi I HAVE TO HAVE too:

I hope you liked taking a look at my favorite inserts! Until next time!


  1. Amy

    Where do you get the calendar inserts?


      Hey Amy! I got them from Yellow Paper House! You can find them on Etsy HERE

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