Income Report

August 2016 Income Report

I started this blog after reading a lot of really successful blogs who had posted completely transparent income reports. On August 18, 2016, I pushed the “publish” button on my first blog post. I fully expect my blog to take about a year before producing enough income to allow my to quit my corporate job. However, most blogs don’t have income reports from when they very first started. In fact, the blogs I looked at with income reports, their oldest ones usually still had a net income of $100+ Which is great! But I’m not there yet, and I don’t want anyone to have any crazy expectations.

This is not a get rich quick kind of gig. I blog and market and advertise on top of my 55 hour/week job as a store manager. I’m on my feet all day. I have a family, and an almost five year old. I love writing, and I love blogging! But even this beginning income report is a result of putting in anywhere from 10-20 extra hours a week, and some up front money. The first month is financially scary, but I know it will pay off. With this particular income report, I hope to inspire others, but also give some a good dose of reality. So here’s a snap shot of my first 13 days with a blog trying to monetize.

The Posts

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In the past 18 days since I started my blog, I’ve published 11 blog posts. My main focus right now is content, content, and more content. Eventually, once I’m settling into things and have a better audience, I’m hoping to focus on 2-3 posts/week + the monthly income report post.

The Income

Adsense – .54

That’s it. That’s my income in the past 18 days. I made 54 cents on Google Adsense. And you know what? That’s better than I thought I’d do! I had absolutely 0 expected income. So I’ll take 54 cents over nothing, any day.

I did sign up for Amazon Affiliates, Adsense, and several affiliate programs. Adsense was the only thing that made me money right off the bat.

The Expenses

Bluehost – $52.01 – I used this to create and host my wordpress. I’ll be doing a post on setting the site up soon.


My net “income” was -$51.47

I’m okay with this, I knew there would be startup expenses. For September, I plan on purchasing a theme, and turning out lots of content.

So that’s it for August. I’m excited to see what happens for the full month of September!

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