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I. Love. Animals.


Anyone who knows me in real life likes to joke that I have a zoo. Right now, we have two dogs – Jasper a German Shepard/Begale mix (he’s as cute as it sounds) and Cherry, our Jack Russell Terrier. We have two cats – Aphrodite and Persephone, who’s a polydactyl on all three out of four paws. Then we’ve got two ferrets – Xena and Xavier, and three rats – Cleo(patra), Artemis, and Phedre. They are all super awesome, adorable, have great personalities, and are rescues.

Some of the crew - Cherry, Jasper, and Aphrodite
Some of the crew – Cherry, Jasper, and Aphrodite

Anyone who has pets, also knows that they’re expensive! All of them have veterinary plans, and eat quality food. I worked at an upscale dog and cat boutique for about a year, and my partner Andrea, worked at the PetSmart pet hotel for four years. We’re both pretty well educated on dog, cat, ferret, and rat food, and what should be in them. We’ve both read all the studies about corn, and finding food that has “real” ingredients in them. Some of the foods are pretty expensive, but we’ve done our best to find great foods at a price point we love. The prices were okay in the store, but then I found out I could buy it online SO MUCH CHEAPER. Chewy.com is amazing. Seriously. Check out the price breakdown. I use autoship for an extra 5% off, but when you place your FIRST autoship you get 20% OFF YOUR WHOLE ORDER! Some prices were estimated from what I last remember because I couldn’t find online pricing.:

Our dogs eat Fromm Heartland Gold Grain-Free 25lbs: In store: ~$84 // Chewy – $54

Our cats need a Rx diet for frequent UTIs — that’s right, Chewy.com offers Rx food too with a valid Rx!

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO 17.6lbs In store: ~$75 // Chewy – $64

Up until a few months ago, Chewy.com ONLY carried dog and cat products, and I got our ferret and rat food through another service. However, I haaaated that service and was absolutely ecstatic when I found out Chewy.com carries our brands now!!!

Our ferrets eat ZuPreem Grain-Free Diet Ferret Food 4lbs In store: ~$25 // Chewy – $13

Our rats eat Oxbow Essentials Regal Rat Adult Rat Food 20lbs In store: ~$61 // Chewy: $43

So, just in food alone (not including pee pads, toys, dental treats, etc.), we save $71!!! Plus, everything lasts us SO long. We buy food roughly every couple months. Other awesome things about Chewy.com?

  • Their shipping is crazy fast
  • Their customer service is absolutely amazing. I’ve worked in customer service for YEARS, and they totally take the cake for customer service. I get handwritten greeting cards from the CEOs every winter holiday and calling/chatting support is a breeze. One time I received a food that I didn’t order, instead of what I actually ordered. This food was also way more expensive and better quality than what I usually get. I called to let them know, they asked me to please use that food or donate it, and shipped the correct food the next day FOR FREE.
  • Their autoship program does 20% off your first deliver. When you’re buying $175 worth of animal food, that extra $35 savings ON TOP OF online prices vs. in store at $71… That’s $100 off our food. $100!
  • You can change your autoship whenever you want, and it’s really easy to change. They also send email reminders that your autoship is coming up and gives you an option to delay it. Other services I used didn’t provide a reminder for autoships, billed my account, wouldn’t let me return it (I didn’t need it and totally forgot about the shipment 12 weeks later). I had to call to change anything about the autoship – a total pain in the butt.
  • Heavy pet food delivered to your door. That’s pretty awesome!

And, an extra bonus. The boxes make fun toys for animals, or imaginative kids.


If you have animals and want to save some extra money for vacation, or a new fancy dog stroller, or anything really, checkout Chewy.com!

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