I Uncoiled and Recoiled My Planner, and the World Didn’t End!

I mentioned in a previous post that I use the Erin Condren planner system. I absolutely love, but it wasn’t what I started out with. I actually started out with Bullet Journaling and a Traveler’s Notebook. I love the concept of Bullet Journaling and making it my own. The only qualm I had was that I never had enough time to make the layouts in order to get my planning done. I love the Traveler’s Notebook because I like having everything all in one place, and tend to use different notebooks to keep track of different things. My co-worker showed me the Erin Condren Life Planner and how she personalizes it with stickers. I was sold. The only issue was I wanted to keep everything together and this is what happened:


Here’s a breakdown of my 18 month ECLP: Clipped to the front cover is my Girl Boss Picadilly notebook. It has all my Purple Unicorn ideas/brainstorms/to-do’s. Clipped to the back cover is my actual journal/diary in a Moleskine Cahier. If you’ve seen the Moleskines before, each one has a pocket in the back of them. In the back pocket of my Moleskine (clipped to the back of my ECLP) are two itty bitty notebooks. One tracks my moods and the other tracks my health stuff. Inside my ECLP, I also used a coil clip from EC to attach a pouch. In the pouch are three more notebooks: The EC Perpetual Planner, the EC Budget Notebook, and the EC Wellness Journal. They’re all great resources and necessary to have on hand. Then, there’s my stickers. I have all those in my ECLP too. With all the bulkiness, my covers started to split!

Someone suggested getting a bigger coil or taking out the last six months of the planner. Say what?! I was TERRIFIED I’d get the coil off and then never get it back on and be stuck with loose leaf ECLP pages. After another day or two, I knew I had to do something. I looked up YouTube videos of the uncoiling process. Most of them were about 15 minutes long. Okay, so it didn’t take forever. That’s good. Surprisingly, it didn’t look very difficult either. So, today, I uncoiled and recoiled my ECLP and the world didn’t end. In fact, it’s so much more manageable and I’m so glad I went through with recoiling! Here’s what I did:

1. Get some pliers. I really like these Bead Landing ones.


2. Unclip everything, take out all your extras/accessories, and if you have removable covers take those off too.
3. Use the pliers to unhook the ends of the spiral.

From this
To this

4. Start twisting the spiral out!

No turning back now!
Holy cow I did! I *really* hope this goes back on!

5. Take out everything you don’t want. I took out July 2016 because I didn’t get my planner until August, and I took out February 2017 – December 2017. So instead of taking out 6 months, I actually took out 12.

6. Organize what you do want respiraled, and use a binder clip to keep the holes aligned.


7. Start respiraling slowly. There will be some holes where you kind of have to jiggle the spiral to get through all the pages.

This was when I got excited, respiraling wasn’t that hard!

8. Finish up putting the coil back through all your pages

I DID IT!!!!

9.  Put all your extras back in. This pictures shows my two notebooks clipped on the front and back cover. The portion in the orange binder clip is the 12 months I took out! Make sure you keep it somewhere safe for when you’re ready to switch out months.


It was definitely scary, but I felt awesome after respiraling and my ECLP feels great again. I rewarded myself by setting up next week with my new stickers from SNB Plans and Planner Nerd.



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